Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tigercatatonia is Sad. No More Darrell Adams

I saw yesterday that Ticat import defensive tackle Darrell Adams has retired at 26 and was shocked. Apparently his heart wasn't in football anymore. Here's today's Spec article on it. Adams was one of my favourite players in recent years, especially on a terrible 2008 Ticat team. I'm definitely sad to see him go and I wonder if the relatively low salaries the CFL pays is one of the factors. Maybe with a $6 million salary cap Adams plays a few more years. Who knows.

Here's a Post article on the Cats using helmet cams in practice. One thing about being owned by Bob Young, the Cats are certainly more technologically advanced.


M@ said...

Adams will be sorely missed. I'm pretty certain we'd have had a better record last season if he'd been healthy for more games.

Jorge said...

Good point. Going into this season I figured our defensive line would be our strong point, with Adams being a big part of that.