Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hamilton at Toronto, Pre-Season

Another year of Ticat football begins, with a mix of veterans, hopefuls and no hopers. Starting with the offensive line, we have import Belton Johnson at left tackle, veteran non-imports Dyakowski and Rottier at guard and non-import Mark Dewit at centre who I know nothing about. Import Brian Simmons starts at right tackle as the Ticat experiment with import tackles begins. I'm not a huge fan of this move, as it basically says the team general manager can't come up with one Canadian offensive tackle. Look for a lot of illegal procedure calls initially.

Starting at wide receiver is import Aaron Kelly, another CFL rookie and at the other wideout spot, veteran non-import Matt Carter. With only 137 yards receiving last year, hopefully Carter will step it up. Or get injured. Who knows. At the slots, two import veterans, Marquay "I almost had 1000 yards receiving" McDaniel and Marcus Thigpen who used to be a running back. Maybe he's morphing into an Earl Winfield type player. Kevin Glenn starts at quarterback. Glenn Milner, an import from that bastion of higher learning Central Missouri starts at running back, with non-import veteran Darcy Brown at fullback.

On to the defence. Imports Morrice Richardson and Darius Powell (who seems a little undersized at 225) start at the ends. In the middle, veteran import Demonte Bolden and non-import Eddie Steele who seems to be annoited as a starter this year.

At linebacker, imports Pierre Singfield and Brandon Denson bracketing import Marty Mohamed in the middle. Just guessing, but I would wager only one survives training camp.

Starting at left corner is veteran non-import Ryan Hinds with import Marcell "That's two Ls" Young on the other side. Import vet Jerome Dennis is one of the defensive halfbacks, import Darren Toney who apparently played for BC for one year. Non-import Dylan Barker starts at safety.

I'm too lazy to do the Argos. Sue me. I'll be at the game today, so if I actually see any newcomer Argos who look interesting, I'll mention it later today.

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