Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ticats at Argos, Meaningless Pre-Season Game

IMG_1836 by philinator
IMG_1836, a photo by philinator on Flickr.
I was at the sparsely attended game at Dead Ted's Dome (aka the Roger Centre) and frankly I didn't learn very much. Quinton Porter looked like Quinton Porter, not too many passes and a lot of running, but not always for first downs. Boltus looked OK, although what would happen if he actually got tossed into a regular season game against regulars is a mystery to me.
I've learned that pre-season games don't mean much, especially the first one. In fact as a I recall the Ticats won both pre-season games during their 3 and 15 seasons, so I think there may actually be a negative correlation between pre-season wins and regular season wins.
The defence seemed pretty mediocre, especially in passing situations. I didn't notice much of a push and the Argo quarterbacks seemed relatively unhurried and had ample time to find receivers. Stevie Baggs didn't play any downs from what I could see, so that's obviously a big difference, but doesn't say much for depth.
Potential running back Milner was decent, rushing and catching passes which is pretty much a necessity to be a successful back in the CFL these days.
Justin Medlock looked good both kicking and punting. I don't think we will miss DeAngelis. Paraphrasing my seatmate, maybe he didn't have to renovate his house.
The Argos looked good, but then they started last year's starter Cleo "the Party" Lemon and left him in for a while, which is a bit unusual for a team's first pre-season game. Lemon is definitely better than he was at the start of last season and if playing on a team with a good defence could be somewhat effective. Dalton Bell didn't look bad either and the Argos as a whole appeared to actually have some receivers, which they didn't last year.
The Argo cheerleaders made me laugh when they switched from skimpy uniforms to skimpier uniforms, pictured above, about midway through the game. Cheerleaders need practice too I guess.

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