Friday, June 17, 2011

Winnipeg at Montreal Pre-Season Game Thoughts

I only watched parts of this game, since trying to watch a CFL pre-season game without your team playing it is not easy. I liked the part where they showed the Montreal Alouette cheerleaders dancing around with gian BMO credit cards, just for the crass commercialism. I'm hoping for something similar from the Ticat cheerleaders this year.

Adrian McPherson looked decent at quarterback for Montreal, which isn't good for Hamilton in case Anthony Calvillo goes down. The Alouettes appeared to have some good young import receivers. Not sure who will step up for the retired Ben Cahoon. I was also surprised to see former Ticat receiver Prechae Rodriguez playing for Montreal. I'll be curious to see if he sticks. His height can be useful, but he strikes me a s a bit one dimensional. Also Sandro DeAngelis wasn't that bad at punting from the one punt I noticed. Montreal traded a first round pick to get Sean Whyte from BC, so I'm not sure who will win out.

Winnipeg looked OK, but I still think they will be mediocre this year, with the amount of mediocrity depending on how many games Buck "the Glassman" Pierce actually plays. I say the over/under is seven.

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