Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick Thoughts on the Montreal Hamilton Exhibition Game

The season ticket holder promotion worked well tonight The stands were not completely full, but they were pretty packed for an exhibition game. The Cats must have some number for what the average fan buys per game in merchandise and concessions, so they can't have done too bad off of it. Plus it gets people out to the stadium before the season starts, which is always good.

Porter looked good, completing some long passes and not just running the ball constantly. On the negative side, McPherson looked good at quarterback for Montreal which is scary.

McDaniel had an OK game and the two Grants were not bad either. Kickers looked good; hard choice between Medlock and Wilbur. Defence didn't seem too bad, although I didn't really notice any standouts.

Beer is 8.75 for a tall boy, which is I think the same as last year. A guy behind me commented on a cheerleader walking by to my seatmate and then soon after managed to spill a full beer on us. Not sure about the cheerleaders long pants, I think may actually prefer the Argo cheerleaders short shorts.

Getting a blowout win even in the pre-season against Montreal is good. Hopefully after a long break the Cats can win the home opener against the Peg.

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