Saturday, July 7, 2012

CFL 2012 Predictions, Week 2, Part B

Calgary at Toronto,
The Stamps looked good at home against the Alouettes last week, with Drew Tate playing well at quarterback as did non-import running back Jon Cornish. The Argos didn't look great losing a close one to the Esks at Commonwealth, although they did have a raft of penalties which in theory is fixable. Ricky Ray was respectable with 29 for 39 passes for 298 yards with a TD and no picks. Owens caught 6 passes for 100 yards so at least the Argos look like they have some receivers this year.

This is a winnable game at home for Toronto, with the Stamps favoured by 3.5, but I'm going to go with the safe pick Calgary.
Stampeders 25, Suck People 20

Edmonton at Saskatchewan
I would not have suspected before the season started that the Riders would be favoured by 4.5 points at home. The Riders looked great last week against Hamilton, with Durant returning to pre 2011 form and Dressler have a fabulous day receiving, even if actually dropped a pass.

Edmonton was more meh beating the Argos at home. Jyles had only an OK game and Fred Stamps only had 21 receiving yards, but the Eskimos still won. I'll go with the Riders. Durant right now is a better quarterback.
Riders 30, Eskimos 27

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