Friday, July 6, 2012

Ticats at Lions Halftime Report

Well things were looking good until the Ticats managed to totally self-destruct at the end of the half. The defence has looked excellent thought, including the non-import rookie cornerback Bucknor who I predicted the Lions would go after and they did but unsuccessfully. Ryan Hinds may not have a starting job when he comes back from injury.

Burris sort of looked good early, then started sucking, enough so that Quinton Porter had to come in after a Burris pick. I assume Burris is coming back after halftime, especially considering Porter didn't do anything for the few plays he was in. Chevon Walker looked good on the long run for a TD. He has excellent speed.

Where was Fantuz? From what I saw all he did was drop one pass, that would have been called back on a penalty anyways.

I think the turning point was Stala unfortunately fumbling after gaining a first down. Stala has had a few catches at least and shows that he still knows where the first down yard marker is.

Rey Williams has looked good again on defence as has Markeith Knowlton back as a starter. The front four has looked good too. Too bad the offence's incompetence at the end of the half ruined a good defensive effort.

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