Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CFL Week 1, 2012 Power Rankings

1. BC Lions
Beat the Bombers handily at home, despite the Winnipeggers losing Buck Pierce in the first half (shocking!). The Bombers still have a good defence though and the Lions were able to score 33 against them.
2. Calgary Stampeders
Drew Tate is for real apparently. I doubted it going into the season, but there you go. Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo wasn't just his usual self. I'm not sure if that's a one game thing or not, but the Montreal offense was quite meh in Calgary. Their defence wasn't so hot either.
3. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Darian Durant seems to have rebounded from his suckage as the Riders shocked the Ticats at home (with the help of a Dressler reception that actually hit the ground, but I digress). Both offense and defence look good and Dressler was a force. Durant received some pressure, but managed to scramble away multiple times. Four sacks. I don't know if this will continue, but the Riders looked good at Ivor Wynne.
4. Edmonton Eskimos
Beat the Argos at home by a small margin, although the Argos did have about a billion penalties. Steven Jyles played OK, better than I thought he would, but nothing to write home about. Defence not bad. Still have Fred Stamps.
5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Sure they lost by a good number of points to the Lions, but it was on the road and BC is the class of the league. The Bombers still have a good defence. Buck Pierce still gets injured with stunning regularity. Not much more to say.
6. Toronto Argonauts
Lots of penalties, but didn't lose by much. Receiving lots of penalties in the first game is fixable. Ray didn't look bad. Defence still decent.
7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Played OK in the first half. Result may have been different if Dressler incompletion actually detected by refs or the Cats actually challenged. Team seemed to give up in second half. Burris mediocre. Front four not great, only registering a sack, despite Durant hanging on to the ball a lot. Ratio problems.
8. Montreal Alouettes
Is this the beginning of the end for Calvillo? How bad is the Alouette offense? The Alouettes probably won't stay here, but they didn't look good in week one.

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