Friday, July 6, 2012

CFL 2012 Predictions, Week 2, Part A

Winnipeg at Montreal
Battle of the winless teams! Last I checked, the Alouettes are favoured by 7 at home, which seems a bit large considered they got their asses handed to them in Calgary last week. I assume Buck Pierce isn't playing for the Bombers this week due to yet another injury. Alex Brink isn't bad, but he isn't Anthony Calvillo.

The Bomber defence is still decent and looked OK against BC last week. The Alouette defence is rebuilding. I'll take Montreal, but they won't make the spread.
Alouettes 25, Bombers 20

Hamilton at BC
Oh Hamilton. Going into the season, things seemed so positive. Now you're 0 and 1 and heading into Vancouver as 8 point underdogs. The Cats looked OK in the first half last week and then as the game got away from them looked worse and worse versus the Riders. BC looked good last week from the parts I watched. Hamilton has bizarrely had success playing on the west coast the past few years, but I wouldn't bet on it in this case.

Adding veteran non-import receiver Dave Stala to the starting lineup and removing veteran non-import linebacker Kevin Eiben and replacing him with import Markeith Knowlton could help, but it probably won't be enough. Expect it to be close at the half and then the Lions to pull away.
Pot People 35, Ticats 21

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