Friday, July 6, 2012

Hamilton at BC, Quick Preview

A few changes from last week's Ticat lineup. Hage is in on the offensive line. On the lineup chart, the receivers are the same as last week and Walker is listed over Cobourne as the running back. Walker had a decent week last week, with seven runs for 132 yards and a TD and three catches for 36 yards. Williams had a great game with nine catches for 109 yards.

Changes on the defensive line. Boudreaux is gone as a defensive end, McElveen moves from the inside to one of the end spots with Crable back as the other end. Rose is still listed as starting in the middle with Brown elevated to starter as well. The line got OK pressure last week, but Durant seemed to slip away multiple times when a sack would have really helped. Lions quarterback Lulay isn't quite as elusive as Durant (although he certainly isn't Danny Mac running either), but is a better passer.

For the linebackers, import Knowlton is back with non-import Eiben as a reserve. Williams had a monster game last week with nine tackles and one sack.

The secondary is the same, with non-import rookie Bucknor still one of the corners. Will BC go after him? Maybe.

Bartel and Congi are back as punter and kicker. Conger was three for three, but Bartel's punting average was only 34.4 yards, which isn't very good.

Lulay didn't have a great week passing against the Bombers last week, going 17 for 24 for 33 yards with a TD and one pick. He did run for 44 yards on 8 attempts with 2 TDs. That will be problematic on the Cats. Hopefully the linebackers will do something about that. Non-import Harris had a big day with 8 runs for 44 yards combined with 7 reception for 69 yards. Simon had yet another good day in the CFL, setting the receiving record with five catches for 105 yards.

Cats are in tough and will need some breaks to go their way (ie turnovers).

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M@ said...

Bartel's punting average was only 34.4 yards, which isn't very good.

In Bartel's defence, he had one snap go over his head and he put up a respectable kick anyway; and he was kicking into a pretty heavy wind at times. Take out that bad snap and I suspect his average would edge up to around 40 yards.

The Riders punter (Milo? who the hell is that?) had two crappy punts that turned into huge yardage because of lucky bounces. I know, that's kicking stats for ya, but still.