Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 CFL Picks Week 5

Edmonton at Montreal
Hmmm. Montreal looked OK in the first quarter last week against Calgary and then fell apart. That's generally no good, but shows they can at least do something. Edmonton still has a young quarterback who hasn't done very much. Montreal is at home. That pretty much seals it for me.
Alouettes 29 Esks 16

Calgary at Winnipeg
Who's starting for Calgary? I'm not sure. Goltz is for Winnipeg, so no Buck although that hasn't mattered much this season. I'm tempting by Calgary, but I'll go with my gut and Winnipeg's defense and home field advantage.
Bombers 22 Stampeders 19

Saskatchewan at Hamilton
Is Durant injured? Beats me. I'm betting not though. Hamilton will no doubt do better than last week's pasting, being in Guelph, but they'll still lose. The Cats linebacking corps is in a bit of turmoil with Markeith Knowlton being released. Good run offense versus linebackers in flux. Not generally good.
Riders 29 Ticats 25

BC at Toronto
Weird Tuesday game. Toronto isn't bad but they're not great either. Haven't heard much about Ricky Ray's health, but I'm guessing he'll be back for Tuesday. BC is pretty good, but occasionally underachieves and they are on the road. I'll go with BC just on injury rumours. That's kind of related to the Wall Street adage buy on rumor sell on news, although I'm not sure it is right.
Lions 24, Argos 22

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