Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 CFL Predictions Week 2

Winnipeg at Montreal
Just like last week, only this time it is in Montreal. I'm not really that confident about the Alouettes this year, but against the Bombers and at Molson, one has to go with Montreal. Besides Buck Pierce could easily get injured. That's basic Stats 101.

Toronto at BC
This is an interesting matchup that I will try and watch while on the West Coast. Two of the better CFL teams this year. Despite coming off a loss, BC is at home and has a pretty strong edge against Eastern teams in BC Place. Plus the Argos defence looked quite leaky against the Cats last week.

Calgary at Saskatchewan
This game is also interesting. Can Jon Cornish run wild against the Saskatchewan defence in Riderville is pretty much the question of this game? Unlikely to have two of those games in a row, so I'll cop out and pick the Riders at home. That's generally the safe way to bet in the CFL. Unless the team at home is Edmonton

Edmonton at Hamilton
The Esks showed pretty much nothing last week against Saskatchewan in Edmonton. The Cats had a great offense and an even worse defence last week in Dead Ted's Dome. I think the Cats offense will be too much for Edmonton, even if at home for Hamilton is a relatively small University of Guelph stadium. Look for Fantuz to put up some good numbers, while the Ticat run game won't do much.

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