Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thoughts on Tonight's 2013 Home Opener Debacle

Depressing. The Cats got burnt early, almost caught up then let the Eskimos get away from then. Not having Fantuz definitely hurt since the Cats missed his sure handedness in the rain, as did having the rookie import tackle Ingersoll starting and not doing well. You can sometimes live with Canadians playing poorly, but a bad import at an important position kills.

The weather was awful and considerably more miserable to be in than Ivor Wynne where one could hide out on the concourse. Hopefully it doesn't rain much this year. I was impressed by the cheerleaders' spunk, gamely cheering even in the rain. That's something I guess.

So the Cats are the only team to start 0 and 2. So much for the Cats power rankings this week. It is starting to seem like last year all over again.

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