Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ticats What Happened? Riders Shut Out Guelph 37 to 0

Uh, well I kind of hoped the Cats would keep it close, but they get shut out for the first time since 2006 (which was against the Bombers).

Stats wise there was a lot of failure. Eight rushes for 16 yards. That's pretty bad. No sacks by the Cats, although some of that was skill by Durant knowing when to throw the ball away.

Props to Bakari Grant for six catches for 80 yards some of which were impressive catches.

Henry Burris? Do the Cats keep trotting him out? At this stage yes, although at a certain point you have to think of the future with an old quarterback. Complicating the issue is that three East teams are tied at 1 and 3, so the Cats are still easily in the playoff race, so no doubt Austin will ride Burris pretty much until the end of the season, because Winnipeg is also bad.

Injuries are an obvious issue, especially on defence (i.e. Greg Peach).

This is pretty much a stream of consciousness rant, but after losing 37 to 0 what can you really say.

One last point Rico Murray led with seven tackles. So props to the Kent State grad. 

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Anonymous said...

Burris has a bad game but wasn't helped by tge dropped balls. He's been leading the CFL! Geeze...he's the best QB in the league and that's by the record.