Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2013 CFL Power Rankings Week 2

1. Saskatchewan Roughriders
If you're 2-0 you're tops.
2. BC Lions
Still like Lulay as the consistently best quarterback in CFL who isn't incredibly old.
3. Toronto Argonauts
Kept it sort of close on the West Coast last week, which is a graveyard for Eastern teams. Offense was pretty meh this week with the Chads not doing much for the Argos.
4. Calgary Stampeders
No superlative performance two weeks in a row for Jon Cornish. Still the possibility and they always have Kevin Glenn waiting in the wings, so there's a bottom on quarterback skill, unlike some teams.
5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Beat Montreal in Montreal. Buck Pierce still healthy two games in row for the biggest surprise of the week.
6. Montreal Alouettes
Lost to Winnipeg in Montreal. Calvillo only passes for 121 yards. Ominous?
7. Edmonton Eskimos
So they managed to beat Hamilton. That's not apparently an impressive accomplishment.
8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
They're the only 0 and 2 team and looked bad at home (or sort of home) against Edmonton. As much as it pains me, they're a bad team, especially if Fantuz is injured (this is where not having Chris Williams hurts). Starting a rookie import right tackle and finding out he sucks (Ingersoll) isn't a good move.

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