Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 CFL Predictions Week 3

Saskatchewan at Toronto
This is an interesting game. The Riders are the only undefeated team after two games (talk about parity) and the Argos are the defending Cup champs. Normally I would pick Toronto just due to the strong home field advantage in the CFL, however with the Riders I'm sure there won't be much difference in fan support. On that basis I'll go with the Riders.
Roughriders 29 Argonauts 25

Calgary at Montreal
Montreal just doesn't seem to be the team they used to be. Calvillo was weak last week and the Alouettes no longer have Mark Trestman as coach. The Stamps are decent and have a floor with two quarterbacks that aren't terrible and they have Jon Cornish as quarterback. Again I'll go against home field advantage and pick the Stamps
Stampeders 24 Alouettes 19

Winnipeg at Hamilton
Two dogs this week in Guelph. Can Hamilton go 0 and 3? Maybe. Hamilton was terrible against Winnipeg last year with Buck having a lot of success. Buck isn't injured yet, so I'll again go with the visitors.
 Bombers 19 Hamilton 15

BC at Edmonton
Despite the Eskimos victory last week, I'm not convinced in them. BC is a far more solid team, although they have some defensive injuries right now. Inexplicably I'm going to pick four road teams in a row. I may regret it.
Lions 29 Eskimos 20  

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