Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2014 CFL Power Rankings Week 9

1. Calgary Stampeders
Cornish is coming back and they're 7 and 1 after demolishing the REDBLACKS on the road. One can make an argument that Mitchell is the best pivot in the league and their defence rocks too. 
2. Edmonton Eskimos
While not quite as good as Calgary you can't argue the fact they are a 7 and 1 team. Beat Toronto, who are not a terrible team. The next two games will prove if they're for real.
3. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Beat BC on the road and did it on guaranteed Lion win night (I'm assuming a lot of the fans at the game were Roughrider supporters who won't be particularly enthused by a free ticket to a non-Rider Lions game). If they were to get Dressler back, they would be better, but I'm not sure they have the salary cap for it.
4. BC Lions
Lost at home on guaranteed win night. Still a good CFL team and if Lulay ever comes back they will have a nice problem to have in having two decent quarterbacks.
5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
 Managed to win at home against an Eastern opponent. That's not much. We'll see how they do in their back to back games against the Riders.
6. Toronto Argonauts
Somebody has to be the best in the East. Acquitted themselves decently on the road against the Eskimos.
7. Montreal Alouettes
On the road and within a TD of the Bombers. At least they aren't starting Troy Smith anymore.
8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
They didn't play, but that didn't change the fact they are down to Jeremiah Masoli as quarterback and someone named McGee as the backup. One wouldn't have thought the Cats would have one win at this point in the season, but there you go.
Stomped by the Stamps. At home. I honestly thought the REDBLACKS would be a little better at this point in the year especially with Henry Burris, but apparently not. Ponying up a dump truck to Weston Dressler might not be a bad move. Assuming the REDBLACKS are near the salary cap, evidently some of those players need to be released.

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