Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 CFL Predictions Week 10

Ottawa at Montreal
Now that there's nine teams in the CFL, the Labour Day weekend games get slightly changed up a bit with BC being the odd man out and the REDBLACKS and the Alouettes restarting a tradition (did Montreal and Ottawa used to play on the Labour Day weekend? Probably.). I would have thought to help out the expansion team, Ottawa would get to host but apparently not. Maybe they will alternate as the home team from year to year. But I digress.

Back to the predictions. Battle of the 1 and 7 teams! Go big or go home. Supposedly Montreal is going to start some quarterback who was on Edmonton for a while, but I'm too lazy to look him up rather than Alex Brink. Huh. Outside the quarterback position I think Montreal is better, but I think in this game Burris will have the edge. A very slight edge.
REDBLACKS 21 Alouettes 20

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
This should be exciting as the Bombers aren't crap anymore. The Riders have Dressler back although how effective he would be with just a couple of days of practice is a question. I'm going to go against the grain and say the Bombers take it. Just a feeling.
Bombers 29 Riders 25

Toronto at Hamilton
Is Collaros going to start? I haven't heard much, just that he is sort of practicing and taking that as a no. I don't think that Masoli is that bad a player, but let's face it, against Ray there's not a lot of hope. Maybe there will be some weird unfinished stadium/Labour Day stand, but that's not the way to bet unfortunately.
Argos 33 Ticats 26

Edmonton at Calgary
Battle of the 7 and 1 teams. That's a little more exciting. Both are good teams, but I think this will come down to home field advantage which is surprisingly huge in the CFL.
Stamps 43 Esks 40

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