Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 CFL Predictions Week 8

A Tuesday game? That means I have to do this early. Damn Argos and their crappy stadium.

Winnipeg at Toronto
Strangely the Argos are favoured in this one, although not by much. Certainly the bye week helps Toronto. I just can't see the Bombers losing this one.
Bombers 33 Argonauts 24

Edmonton at Ottawa
The REDBLACKS have played enough games that we kind of know what they're going to be this season. And that's not very good. The Esks are surprisingly good this year. So sorry Ottawa.
Eskimos 41 REDBLACKS 27

Calgary at Hamilton
I'm basically expecting the Cats to lose another close one at tiny Ron Joyce Field at McMaster. The Cats are a pretty good team for 1 and 5, but they just seem snakebitten this year.
Stampeders 30 Ticats 26

Montreal at Saskatchewan
Why am I even putting some thought into this. Riders at home. The only curious thing will be to see if switching up quarterbacks helps the Als somewhat from ultracrap to just crap.

BC at Toronto
My brain says Toronto will lose because of the two games in one week. But you have to make a wacky pick every so often so Toronto at home. Kevin Glenn isn't omnipotent.
Argos 28 Lions 27

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