Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 CFL Predictions Week 9

Montreal at Winnipeg
While the Alouettes seem to have dropped the Troy Smith experiment for now, Alex Brink is basically Winnipeg's sloppy seconds. Plus the Bombers are at home and have Drew Willy.
Bombers 24 Alouettes 19

Toronto at Edmonton
Call me crazy, but I'm picking Toronto. They're not at home, but sometimes wacky things happen. Plus Edmonton is good, but they have to revert a little closer to last season's results.
Argonauts 31 Eskimos 28

Calgary at Ottawa
The REDBLACKs are still an expansion team and the Stamps seem to be good enough that they don't lose to the crap teams.
Stampeders 41 REDBLACKS 27

Saskatchewan at BC
BC just seems hot to me and the Riders just kind of meh this year. Plus BC is at home. Not really sure about that whole guaranteed win thing, but the Lions have a giant stadium so extra tickets aren't a lot of pressure.
Lions 22 Roughriders 19

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