Friday, August 15, 2014

Fate of Ticats Labour Day Classic Won't Be Known Until August 28th

The Spec has a new article about the stadium with comments from city public works general manager Gerry Davis that the fate of hosting the Labour Day game won't be known until August 28th.

With Mac not able to host, that is definitely problematic for the Ticats. The uncertainty is also in itself a problem as the team isn't able to market itself properly. No doubt not having three home games plus the exhibition game at Tim Horton's Field has impacted merchandise sales severely. The Labour Day game likely has merchandise sales far surpassing any other regular season game.

What's more disturbing is what Ancaster councillor Lloyd Fergusion thinks: "Councillor Lloyd Ferguson told the CBC he thinks it's a "stretch" for the facility to be ready in time for the game."

Ferguson has considerable experience in the construction industry and pointed out well beforehand that the stadium wouldn't be ready when everyone connected to the stadium was saying that the stadium would be done.

Here's one possibility for the stadium to be partially ready for Labour Day: concentrate only on one side of the stadium for the Labour Day game and only have it open. Hopefully that would be the side where I have season tickets.

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