Monday, September 7, 2009

Cats 18-10 at the Half

Good half by the Cats on Labour Day. Started out weak, but finished strong. Well apart from the Setta miss from sixteen yards at the end of the half. Usually for Ticat games, as the end of the half approaches, it will develop the Cats will have opportunity to score some points and the opponent none. Then over the past few years, the Cats will promptly screw it up and get no points and the other team will get a field goal or TD. The missed field goal was disappointing, but the Argos got no points in the last few minutes and the Cats did.

Good receiver play by Stala and Bruce. Cobb hasn't done much on the ground, but does have a nice TD receiving. Lots of protection for Glenn. Linebackers looked better as the half went on.

Net yards 188 Toronto 182 Hamilton.

Toronto is pretty much all Jamal Robertson. Pickett isn't bad, but probably still needs some time to develop. At least for the Argos next year he should be in good shape. Probably advantageous for Pickett that Don Matthews gave him a couple of starts last year.

I wonder if the Cats being up 18-10 instead down 18-10 means a lot more merchandise and concession sales at half time. Probably at least means more beer sold before the fourth quarter cutoff point.

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