Monday, September 21, 2009

Labour Day TV Ratings

A bit late admittedly to be posting this, but Chris Zelkovich's blog has the TV ratings for the Labour Day weekend. Bombers at Roughriders, 982,000, Eskimos at Stampeders 979,000, Argos at Ticats 844,000 and the Alouettes and Lions with 750,000 although that is only for TSN and not RDS. In the blog post it describes the improvement in the ratings due to the use of people meters that pick up inaudible sounds from the broadcasts to capture people watching programs on TVs in bars or other peoples houses.

Impressive ratings, although the Ticat Argos game might have performed better with a non-sucky double blue team. Certainly I think there is more value to the CFL for their broadcasts than what they are currently getting from TSN. I still think that TSN should broadcast two preseason games per year, with the Riders being one of the teams playing.

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