Friday, September 18, 2009

Ticat Depth Chart

Changes this week on the defensive line, with Dyakowski's injury. The tackles Goodspeed and Gauthier are still the same, as is Hage at centre and Hudson at guard. First overall pick Simeon Rottier (red animal in German) comes in at guard and starts for the first time this season. Porter starts at QB.

Changes at receiver, Currie and Bauman are the wideouts, with Stala and McDaniel as the inside guys. Bruce according to the depth chart only comes in for five receiver sets, but I'm sure he's in all the time. Cobb at running back and Williams at fullback for the once in a blue moon that the Cats use a fullback. Maybe the Cats should use a four receiver set just to mix things up once in a while.

Long and Hickman are listed as the defensive ends. Murphy and Bolden are the tackles.

Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson at linebacker, surprise.

Bradley and Smith are the cornerbacks, Thomson and Tisdale are the halfbacks and Beveridge is the sole Canadian on defence, in at safety.

For Calgary on offense, Henry Burris starts at QB with some anonymous person named Barrick Nealy as the backup. Reynolds starts at running back and non-import Teyo Johnson starts at fullback. Titus Ryan is the import wideout and Brett Ralph (brother of Brock) is the non-import starting wideout. Jeremaine Copeland and Nik Lewis, both imports, are the starting slotbacks.

Ben Archibald, an import is the starting left tackle. Canadian Jeff Pilon starts at the other tackle position. Non import Tim O'Neill starts at centre, while non-imports Newman and Tsoumpas start at guard.

Non-import Justin Phillips starts at one defensive end position, with non-import Odell Willis starts at the other. Non-import Miguel Robede starts at on defensive tackle spot, while Jim Davis, a non-import starts at the other tackle spot. That's two Canadian starters on the defensive line.

Tim Johnson is the starting middle linebacker, with Carpenter and James are the outside linebackers. All are imports.

Raymond and Anderson are the starting import cornerbacks. Amadi and Eubanks are the starting halfback, both imports. Milt Collins, a non-import is the starting safety.

Here's an article from the Calgary Herald describing how the Calgary defence has totally changed from the opening game.

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