Monday, September 21, 2009

CFL Power Rankings

1. Montreal
2. Calgary
3. Hamilton
4. Edmonton
5. Saskatchewan
6. BC
7. Toronto
8. Winnipeg

This was a tough week considering that there are now four teams with 6 and 5 records. Montreal at the top is obvious, as usual. Calgary stays at number two, with the relatively close loss on the road (even if they didn't look particularly good). Hamilton generally looked to be the better team on Friday and could have moved up a spot if they hadn't given up 14 easy points at the start of the game and instead blew out Calgary. Edmonton and Saskatchewan are especially tough, with the Riders having a way better point differential, but the Eskimos won on the road so I have to give them the higher spot. BC at 5 and 6 is easy for sixth place. Toronto, still mediocre and losing, but better than the Peg.

The Globe had an article Saturday on the Cats, which included a photo of the fan walking across the goalpost. Here is a youtube video of said fan, which I must say really got the crowd going and which I found highly entertaining. Some fans on forum have argued that it was a dumb idea because the fan is now banned for life, but honestly how are they going to enforce that?

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