Friday, September 11, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 11, Part 1

Hamilton at Toronto,
I will hopefully be in Dead Ted's Dome for the game and possibly I will remember my camera. Toronto was dreadful last week at Ivor Wynne and haven't won at home since some time in August of 2008. More than a calender year. That's some Argonaut suck right there. And surprisingly, Hamilton only is favoured by a single point. Frankly if I was a betting man, I think some money could be made off taking Hamilton. Just saying. Anyways, apparently the Argos have some more injuries since last week's tilt, whereas Hamilton's lineup stays pretty much the same. Not a lot to say here. The result will be closer than last week, but Hamilton still wins.
Hamilton 31, Toronto 20

Calgary at Edmonton,
I wasn't able to watch the game last week, but judging by the score, Edmonton sucked pretty heartily. Edmonton did seem pretty hot prior to this game, but ditching your offensive co-ordinator generally reeks of Blue Bomber like desperation. Apparently Calvin McCarty is out for another game, so that's enough for me to day Edmonton is done.
Calgary 36, Edmonton 25

Just as an aside, that Jays game last week, with 11K and change in terms of fans. Wow. That's Expos numbers. I know it was September and the team has been sucking, but really. Plus will the team be any better next year with Roger's managing the purse strings? Between the Bills games in Toronto and the Jays, how much money is the Rogers empire losing on sports this year. If Buffalo starts out sucking hard, those tickets for December's game will have to moved at a steep discount. Thankfully Ted's dead so he can't see what he has reaped from what he sowed.

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M@ said...

Part of the reason for the 11k Jays attendance was that it was an afternoon game, which are traditionally hard sells in Toronto after August.

And the rest of the reason is the volcano of suck that the Blue Jays have been in recent years.

One wonders how long the crowds will last for the Argos at the dome, too. They're lucky they'll have the Hamilton fans tonight to swell the numbers.