Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More CFL Ratings

Trying to get caught up on the latest CFL rankings. Chris Zelkovich's blog has the TV sports ratings for weekend after Labour Day. In third, the Riders at the Bombers had 872,000 viewers, in fourth the Ticats at Argos had 795,000 viewers, in fifth, the Stampeders at Eskimos had 755,000 viewers and in seventh, the Lions at Alouettes with 546,000 viewers (although that is just the TSN number and not the RDS number). Two unopposed NFL games had first and second, while surprisingly a Blue Jay game snuck into sixth. This is the first week where the CFL competes with the NFL head to head and the CFL ratings were quite respectable. Good to see the Ticats with a good number as well.

I will be curious to crunch the average number per team at the end of the season, although without the RDS numbers (unless I can find them somewhere) Montreal will be at a disadvantage. Saskatchewan looks to have a good shot at winning, based on the last two weeks of games against the Bombers.

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