Monday, September 7, 2009

Depth Chart, Labour Day Edition

For the Cats, the offensive line stays the same as pretty much forever, Goodspeed, Dyakowski, Hage, Hudson, and Gauthier. Running back is Cobb and the fullback is John Williams. One change for the receivers is Chris Davis back at slotback after a game spent on the bench, in for Boise State alum (and I'm sure a fine university with many Nobel Prize winners) Drisan James. Local boy Dave Stala is the other slotback. Rodriguez and Bauman are the other starting wideouts, with I assume Bruce in whenever they play five receivers, which is often. No quarterback is listed, although I bet on Glenn.

On defence, with injuries on the line, it is Khari Long and Hickman as the ends, with Montez Murphy and Bolden, all imports, inside. Linebackers, Johnson, Floyd and Knowlton.

Bradley is in at the corner again, with Smith the other corner. Thompson and Tisdale are the defensive backs and the safety Sandy Beveridge, the lone starting Canadian on defence.

For the Argos, on the defensive line, Rob Murphy is the lone import. Ramsay is the other tackle, Picard the centre and Keeping and Robertson the guards. Robertson is the running back, with Crawford the fullback. McNeal and Lucas are the starting import wideouts, with Sam the import slot. Mac product and rookie Mike Bradwell is the other starting slotback.

On defence, Flemons and Harriot are the starting import ends. Huntley is the import inside, while non-import Adriano Belli is listed as the other tackle. Eiben is the starting outside linebacker, with Zeke "Not So Much Destroy Anymore" Moreno in the middle and Willie Pile on the other side.

Middlebrooks and Younger are the cornerbacks. Shell and Shivers the defensive backs and Poole the safety.

For the first time ever in the CFL, the Argos will start an import punter and an import kicker, which I suppose is somewhat noteworthy.

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