Saturday, October 31, 2009

Depth Chart Analysis

On the offensive line, the usual this year, import Goodspeed at left tackle, Dyakowski and Hudson the guards, Gauthier the other tackle and the centre Hage. Glenn starts, with Cobb as the running back. Apparently no Terry Caulley this week either. Have we seen the last of him in a Ticat uniform? Williams is listed as the invisible fullback this week. James and non-import Corey Grant are listed as the receivers (Bauman is injured this week, but hopefully he will be back next week). McDaniel and local boy Dave Stala are the slots. Arland Bruce, the third iteration is listed in his weird backup receiver position they list him at every week. Kevin Robinson, who was signed a couple of weeks ago backs up James. Without an injury, I'm not sure if we will see him.

On defence, the Cats are going with the defensive line I assume that they are now happy with, Long and Hickman on the ends, McIntyre (a former end) and Adams in the interior.

Linebackers, surprise, Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson.

Bradley and Smith are the corners once again. Thompson and Tisdale are the defensive backs. Barker is in again for Beveridge, as the lone Canuck starter on the D at safety.

For the Riders on the offensive line, it is non-import Makowsky at left tackle, with import rookie Joel Bell at right tackle. Non-imports Best (who has a colossally nerdy picture on Rider website) and Parenteau at the guard spots and non-import O'Day as the centre.

Durant starts, import Wes Cats at running back, with newly elected Regina councillor Chris Szarka, non-import, as his fullback.

Queen's product Rob Bagg is at one of the wideout spots, with import Johnny Quinn at the other. Non-imports Fantuz and Clermont are at the slots. Former Cat draft pick Chris Getzlaf is listed as a backup slot, but I'm sure we will see him in five and six receiver sets. That's eight Canuck starters on offense.

Baggs and Chick are the ends. Adams and non-import Shologan are the defensive tackles.

Lucas, Williams and former Cat Tad Kornegay are the linebackers.

Non-import Alexander and Moran are the corners. McKenzie and Frazier are the defensive backs. Patrick is the saftey.

So that's two non-import starters on defence, for nine total, two over the nine required. Obviously the Riders have Canadian talent to burn. The Cats, not so much. Sometimes I wonder if O'Billovich's main skill is getting US talent (for example, Cameron Wake). Consider that the Cats have ten players now on the expanded practice roster, but only one is a non-import.

It is freakily windy down here at Tigercataonia HQ right near St. Joe's, so I assume the several miles to the West is similar. Not sure who that will benefit, although Durant seems more apt to run than Glenn, so maybe that edge goes to the Riders. Eleven degrees with a high of thirteen, so quite comfortable temperature wise. Toronto did no favours to the Cats by sucking to Edmonton, but who really expected more.

Anyways, good luck to the Cats on beating the Riders today. Hopefully some Saskatchewan fans will go home sad and depressed for once from Ivor Wynne.

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