Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday's Game

Wow that really sucked. Making Michael Bishop look all world really takes some doing. Also the manner in which the team sucked, right from the get go, really ruined the experience at the game. If they at least kept it close into the second quarter, one wouldn't be depressed for the entire game.

The team definitely needs to start Glenn next game. I'm under no illusion that Glenn is that much better than Porter at this point (although he is better in terms of number of fumbles per game), but you can't keep rewarding suckage over and over. Frankly I am starting to wonder about Tafralis.

I was totally off on the attendance, however where I was sitting in section 5, the whole surrounding area was packed. Annoyingly, I tried getting some seats near my season tickets, however the only ones available were ridiculously far away. Then come game time there were a bunch of empty seats right around me. With the current way the Cats are trying to force more people into certain sections for the television cameras, I would almost recommend getting tickets in the south side stands.

Ugh, now Montreal next week. One can only hope the Alouettes use their backups as much as possible.

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