Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Game

A lot of people are raving about Kevin Glenn's performance, especially the fact he passed for over 500 yards. Somewhat lost in the raving is the fact that we lost, despite knocking Anthony Calvillo out of the game, which is what we pretty much had to do. Certainly Glenn warrants the start in Toronto this week, but a lot of people are forgetting the results of the last game in Toronto. Just in case you forgot, we lost. You might have also forgotten the quarterback for that game was, yes that's right, Kevin Glenn who lost to Cody Pickett. So for those that think that Glenn is the savior, give your head a shake.

One point I will make about passing for big yardage, is that you don't always end up winning. I would bet that the quarterback running for over 100 yards has a higher correlation of winning than passing for over 400 yards. Something to think about.

One last thing, currently Hamilton is favoured by 3.5 points against Toronto.


M@ said...

Glenn had a good game, sure, but Montreal's second-stringer passed 10 for 11. Glenn didn't come close to that.

Our loss was clearly a defensive loss.

Jorge said...

Wow 10 for 11. That's a good point.