Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ticat Depth Chart

Some changes this week.

Standard offensive line this week, import Goodspeed at left tackle, Gauthier at right tackle, Hage at centre, Dyakowski and Hudson as the guards.

Glenn starts at QB, Cobb yet again at running back (no Terry Caulley anywhere it seems) and the starting fullback (which is pretty much a non-existent position on the Cats) Mac product Sadeghian. Import James and Bauman are the wide receivers, with import McDaniel at slot along with Stala. Bruce is listed as usual as a backup to Bauman, which obviously means nothing.

On the defensive line, Hickman and Long are the ends. McIntyre and Adams are new this week as the tackles. Unusual to see McIntyre as the tackle, so the Cats must be happy with Hickman and Long.

Linebackers the usual Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson lineup.

Bradley and Bo "Burnt repeatedly by Michael Bishop" Smith are the corners. Thompson and Tisdale are the defensive backs with Beveridge the lone Canadian starter on defence.

For Montreal on the offensive line, Bourke and Perrett are the tackles, with Lambert and Flory as the guards and Chiu as the centre. Unusually for the CFL, all are non-imports.

Calvillo starts, with Cobourne back as the starting running back, with non-import Kerry Carter as the fullback.

Bratton and Watkins, both imports are the wide receivers. Import Richardson is one of the slots together with non-import Cahoon.

On the defensive line, Bowman and Stewart are the ends, Wilson and Williams are the tackles. All are imports.

Ferri, Guzman and Cox, all imports are the linebackers.

Estelle and Dix (who seems to have hardly played this year) are the import corners. Parker and Brown are the import defensive backs and Boulay is the non-import starting safety.

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