Friday, October 30, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 18, Part 1

Toronto at Edmonton,
Edmonton is only favoured by four at home which seems a bit disturbing for Edmonton, considering the Argos have lost six in a row. The Argos are 2 and 6 on the road which is actually better than their home record. The Eskimos are even at home. Obviously for the Argos, they are out of it. For Edmonton, winning the next two games guarantees they get the East division crossover, so this game definitely means something. Kerry Joseph will start for the Argos who will likely play their third stringer at some point (I am too lazy to look up his name, you'll know him when you see him out there sucking). The Argos now have a 1000 yard rusher in Jamal Robertson, however their offensive line is still missing two starters and is bad even for the Argos' recent history. Edmonton is no great shakes either, but they have Ricky Ray who should be able to do enough to beat a feeble Argo team.
Smos 31, Argos 21

Saskatchewan at Hamilton,
Important game for Saskatchewan to try and win first in the West for the first time since the seventies. Wowza. Although the Riders are kind of similar to Hamilton, in that the Riders play Calgary next week, so exactly how this game matters, I'm not quite sure. For Hamilton, how important this game depends on how Edmonton does. If Edmonton wins both games, what the Cats do here doesn't matter, they have to win in the Peg next week to get a playoff spot. Hamilton is favoured by one at home which probably reflects the weird nature of the penultimate game of the regular season. The Cats come in on a one game winning streak, as does the Riders. The Cats are going with the more steady Kevin Glenn the rest of the season, however they are missing Rodriguez and maybe non-import receiver Bauman for this game. The Riders are still missing their best receiver Weston Dressler with a broken leg, but have shown their Canadian content at receiver is capable of shredding the Cat defence. The Cats are 5 and 3 at home, whereas the Riders are a reasonable 4-3-1 at home. The Cats will have to start strong to have a chance, however the fact that this game is not truly a must win worries me. That and the Cats history the past few years means that if I were actually betting I would have to pick the Riders.
Sasky 25, Hamilton 22

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