Sunday, September 21, 2008

Close, Yet So Far

So the Cats have found new and improved ways to lose with a 25 to 23 lose to the moribund (but better than us) Winnipeg Bluebombers via a muffed field go at the end of the game. That pretty much blows our playoff chances, as the Bombers are now up two games and have won the season series. At least Toronto looks like they are imploding even worse than we are.

If I had to pick a TSN turning point, it would Tony Miles' fumble in the first half. The Cats had recovered the ball after a punt via a Cameron Siskowic forced fumble on the Winnipeg 40. After a 13 yard completion Miles fumbles it, giving away a chance for Hamilton to get up early against a rather hapless Bomber team. I don't care if you live in Burlington Tony and read your community newspaper, you have to hold onto the ball.

Printers was pretty mediocre in the first half going 8 for 19 for 110 yards and running twice for 24 yards. Porter looked good coming in relief in the second half going 11 for 17 for 183 yards and running twice for 32 yards. It is too bad at the end that Porter couldn't get it in the endzone, but they certainly had the chance to send it into overtime. Porter certainly looked poised in the pocket and seemed to have way more time there than Printers. With Porter looking like a veteran rather than a frightened rookie, the Cats next year could release Printers and his now ridiculous 400K salary and go with Williams and Porter and use that money to improve the team.

Once again for the receivers, Rodriguez was the hero with six grabs for 136 yards including a TD. Apparently Bauman has a concussion. Caulley was fairly mediocre, only running for 46 yards on eight carries, however the Cats never really looked like they wanted to run the ball. However he had three catches for 34 yards.

On defence, nonimport linebacker Ray Mariuz is looking better with seven tackles. Anthony once again didn't look bad in Moreno's place at middle linebacker. The line looked like they had a bit more pressure with new pickup Alain Kashama getting a sack, but still has a ways to go.

The end result is the Cats lose and the season is for all intents and purposes done. There's always next year.

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