Friday, September 19, 2008

Crap versus Crap

Hamilton versus Winnipeg, the battle of the basement, the return of Moreno, etc., etc. Strangely Hamilton is still in playoff position and get can tied with Winnipeg for third in the East with a win. With the way Toronto seems to be imploding, if Hamilton got hot there is a chance for the playoffs. Let's face it though, Hamilton is quite unlikely to get hot this year. They may play well, but they'll find a way to lose. Perhaps I'm a little jaded.

Anyways, Winnipeg has looked somewhat better of late, although I think if the Cats could find a way to get ahead, Winnipeg could easily collapse. I'll be curious to see how Moreno does and Anthony for Hamilton in his place at middle linebacker. Hopefully the defence can play like they did last week (apart from failing miserably on second and long). At least the secondary is looking better and I'm hoping new signing nonimport Alain Kashama can do something at end. He had eight sacks last year for Montreal, so he's not a total dud and probably good for the ratio.

On offense, hopefully less interceptions by Printers, hopefully Printers runs for a few cheap first downs and Caulley does something running the ball against a tough Winnipeg front four. I think the Cats have a fairly decent offense right now so this game is certainly winnable.

Finally, so long to Ron Lancaster and thanks for bringing us another Grey Cup. During your later coaching years I certainly made some complaints, however the crap you had to deal with and the uebershit of what followed, well I'm sorry. Maybe the Cats can find a way to win tonight and I'm also sorry you didn't get a chance to see the Cats turn it around. Go Cats!

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