Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Put Away the Brooms

A few quick comments before I do further analysis. First off, why did Ticat staff force the removal of the large Vandershank sign in the East endzone? I thought that was a pretty good sign and classless of the Cats to remove it.

At the end of the half with the Ticats trying to kick a field goal, I said, knowing the Cats past history, that barring a disaster, the Cats would get points and that the Argos wouldn't get any before the half ended. I was pleased. Of course the Cats manage to get the field goal blocked in such a manner that it flies upfield and an Argo can return it to help the Argos make a field goal before the half is done. Could have been a different outcome of the game if the Cats had gone into the half with the lead. Sometimes it seems that the Cats just don't get the bounces.

Nice to see Lumsden get 104 yards on 15 carries in his return from injury. I just hope his ankle is ok after this game. On track for over 1000 rushing yards on the season if he can stay healthy.

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