Friday, September 19, 2008

Edmonton Game

Well it was exciting, I'll say that for it. Certainly the team improved from the BC game, but this team still doesn't know how to win. They were definitely close at the end and like so many times this year, failed critically on second and long. Sure some of those are going to get completed against you, but the Cats seem to be the master at giving it up.

Printers had four interceptions, but so did Ray, maybe it was just that kind of night. Printers only going 14 for 30 for 213 yards for a very mediocre completion rate, but conversely he ran 11 times for 120 yards for numerous first downs. So for me that kind of balances out the completion rate. The line played well this week, sans Jonta Woodard no less (did the Argos really pick him up? What are they doing? How is it we have a worse record?). Lumsden injured again. I like the concept of Lumsden, but I'm starting to get a little tired of waiting for him to play. Caulley was ok. Receivers not too bad either.

On defence, couldn't stop them when it counted but not bad. Four interceptions with several for TDs, the defensive line even had a few sacks (Patrick with both) with some pressure. Cornelius Anthony did well replacing Moreno. I think he has a bit more speed and it wasn't like we were lighting up the league with Moreno. I still don't have a lot of love for Denny Creehan...

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