Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stench Squared

Wow, there's really not much you can say about that game. Certainly not a play you can look back on that if changed would have won the game. I suppose the early interception for a TD tossed by Printers was a turning point that helped get the game going in the wrong direction.

Printers' salary really looks like an albatross now. Either he renegotiates it down in the offseason, or we go with Richie Williams and Porter next year. Right now, I probably prefer the second option.

Marwan Hage seems to get love in the Spec as being a good player, but I've seen enough bad and mediocre snaps the past few games to wonder if he needs to pay less attention to his charity and his sartorial excellence and more to his gameplay. I can't imagine the kids like seeing the team sucking repeatedly.

Fortunately, both Toronto and Winnipeg lost today, so theoretically the Cats could be right back into it with a victory over the Eskimos this week. Frankly that disturbs me.

Article on sports, recession and oil.

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