Monday, September 1, 2008

Labour Day, Get out the Brooms

With the Ballard Cup safely secured already, the Cats today go for the series sweep. In eight games, the Cats have only beaten the double Blue and are three point favourites. The Argos seem to be in a fair amount of turmoil going into this week, with the trade of Michael Bishop and the release of veteran Orlando Steinauer and the rumored return of the Pinball as coach. With a Cat victory, the Cats will move into second place at three and six, tied with the Argos on points and ahead because of the season series.

So the Cats will start Printers at QB, with Caulley listed as the starting tailback and Lumsden as the starting fullback. Not sure what to make of that, although for ratio purposes, if Lumsden starts at tailback and a Canadian at fullback, another starting import spot opens up. However the Cats import talent is so weak, there's nobody who obviously demands to be switched in. Perhaps they will limit the amount of times Lumsden gets the ball to ease him back from his injury. I can't see him doing a lot as the fulltime fullback as he has never seemed to be all that great at blocking. I guess we'll see what happens. I hope Printers has been studying Williams play the last few games and tries to get some first downs with his legs. The Argos are good at making interceptions, stopping a QB run, not so much.

With Tony Miles back, apparently somewhat not injured, JoJo Walker does not start at slot, however Scott Mitchell still does. I guess the Ticats like his size. I'm amazed that he is the Cats leading receiver yet doesn't seem to make much of a difference in any of the games so far. I assume JoJo will come in for five and six receiver sets.

On defence, it looks like both Rontarious Robinson and Jykine Bradley will start which is a good sign. Newcomer Tory Collins will start at defensive tackle as the Cats continue on their quixotic quest for a defensive line that can get some pressure. Apparently he's from the ambiguously named Northwestern State, which is in Louisana. I'm guessing they have no Nobel Prize winners there. Good gumbo in the cafeteria maybe.

I'm not sure what to make of the rejigged Argos defence. It will probably be better against the run. On offense, a lot depends on what kind of game Kerry Joseph has. The Argos will probably abandon the run for no evident reason in the second quarter.

Good luck Cats. Three and six here we come!

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