Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its Raining Running Backs

Well the Cats have signed former Colt and Rider Kenton Keith. According to Perry Lefko of Sportsnet,
Keith will average 175K for 2009 and 2010, plus incentives. I would love to see the particulars of that contract. Considering the Cats probably have some caps space remaining after shipping out Moreno and not receiving a player back, I hope the Cats front loaded his contract and maxed out the cap space this year to leave room for next year. If the Cats release Casey Printers in the offseason and go with Richie Williams and Quinton Porter at QB next year, hopefully we can sign some impact free agents next year, preferably on defence and perhaps a superior offensive lineman.

With regards to how this signing affects Lumsden, Caulley and Smith, that depends on what the Cat braintrust thinks about the future of Lumsden. Keith I think likely has more upside than Caulley, as he's been a decent receiver threat in the past. I love the concept of Lumsden, however the fact that he is often injured would not break me up too much if he left. I would prefer the Cats did not trade him this year and at least made an honest effort to sign him next year. Even with Keith, all running backs get injured (look at Cates for the Riders, Cobourne for Montreal, and Caulley this week for Hamilton). Having Jesse next year as perhaps not the defacto starter might take a little pressure off him and last longer throughout the season. If he is backing up next year, his nonimport status can be useful if a nonimport starter gets injured for a game, as Jesse can start that game. I'll be curious to see if Lumsden can break his rushing total for last year, 743 yards. He's at 586 yards now with six games to go.

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