Thursday, July 30, 2009

CFL Power Rankings

1. Montreal
2. Calgary
3. Saskatchewan
4. Hamilton
5. Edmonton
6. Toronto
7. BC
8. Winnipeg

Tougher this week. Montreal tops is easy. BC and Winnipeg at the bottom easy, with Winnipeg obviously worse considering their QB situation. Calgary looks like they are coming on, although losing a Rambo will hurt. Saskatchewan still has a good defence, but going 1 and 2 at home shows their are some issues. Hamilton is probably better now that I'm writing this after Bruce, plus they played respectable football against Montreal and didn't get blown out. Plus second best points for and points allowed amongst the 2 and 2 teams. Edmonton, still don't really believe, but they are better than some teams. Toronto only beat Winnipeg and they no longer have Bruce. Although playing Winnipeg again this week they could be 3 and 2 which is somewhat disturbing.

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