Thursday, July 23, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 4, Part 1

Hamilton at Montreal
Montreal is head and shoulders above all the over teams in the league right now. Provided Calvillo stays healthy, they should continue as a wrecking ball throughout the league. Calvillo's McManus like quick release is murder on defences and their own defence has been playing fantastic. Not a good recipe for the Cats, who have moved from terrible to decent this season but not great. Porter will start and hopefully his relatively high completion percentage will get some first downs in the first half, keeping the ball away from Montreal's offense and avoid Montreal getting away from them. Haley will start at middle linebacker for the injured Otis Floyd, which is not good news. Hopefully the other linebackers can step up. Montreal is at home, and unfortunately will probably win fairly easily.
Montreal 43, Hamilton 28

Toronto at Winnipeg
This one was already a tough one to call, but things have gotten weirder with news that receiver Arland Bruce is being left at home for disciplinary reasons. Bruce then spouted off about coach Bart Andrus and quarterback Kerry Joseph. Makes one wonder if Bruce will stay an Argo. Certainly one normally would side on the coach with this one, but Bruce is one of the best receivers in the league and the Argos are already down a bunch of non-import receivers. Sometimes as coach you have to find ways to keep your unruly superstars happy. The Argos won't be able to replace Bruce with just any NFL minicamp reject. Not having Bruce would normally doom the Argos, but they are playing Winnipeg. Stefan LeFors completion percentage is ridiculously low and he was hurt in last week's game against the Cats. I can't even remember who Winnipeg has as their backup QB and I'm not looking it up. Their is a game plan for the Argos to win, run the ball with Jamal Robertson more than in the past and have Joseph scramble for yards. Mac product Mike Bradwell should start as a non-import receiver and has looked good when he has had a chance to play. Somewhat disturbingly, I'm picking the Argos, Winnipeg is that bad.
Argos 27, Winnipeg 17

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