Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ticats Depth Chart Analysis, Monteal

Time for a quick look at the Ticat depth chart for the game at Montreal.

Quite similar to last week. Offensive line the same, with Hudson in at guard, Cobb as running back, Williams in at fullback for the rare four receiver sets. Rodrigues, Davis and Stala start as receivers, with Bauman in on five receiver sets. McDaniel looks like he comes in for Cobb for six receiver sets. Currie apparently is injured.

On defence, McIntyre is in again at end due to Long's injury with the rest of the front four intact. They will be in tough against Montreal's offensive line. Hopefully standout tackle Darrell Adams can have a stellar game and put crotchety old Calvillo to the turf.

Linebackers, first game mediocrity Haley is in at middle linebacker for a concussed Otis Floyd. Knowlton and Johnson remain at linebacker. Beveridge is in as the only starting non-import on the Cat defence. Gordon, Thomson, Tisdale and Smith round out the secondary.

For Montreal, interestingly they have a completely Canadian offensive line (old school) anchored by Bryan Chiu. Their other non-import starters are Cahoon at slot and Carter at fullback. So that's seven total on offense, although I'm not sure what happens on five receiver sets. Watkins at receiver is obviously one to watch. Backup QB is McPherson.

On defence, an all import front four, anchored by veteran end Anwar Stewart. Ferri and Cox are the outside linebackers, while Emry is the non-import middle linebacker. Etienne Boulay starts at safety and is a non-import and Davis Sanchez starts as a rare non-import corner. So that's three defensive non-import starters on defence for Montreal for a total of ten altogether, well above the required seven. Montreal obviously has great Canadian depth and is not afraid to play them, which contrasts with the situation with Hamilton, where they go with Haley at middle linebacker rather than non-import Barrenechea for the injured Otis Floyd. Montreal also wins quite often. Maybe there's something for Hamilton to look at here.

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