Friday, July 31, 2009

Ticat Depth Chart Analysis, Week 5

Time to have a look at the depth chart against the Lions. On offense, the line is the same as the past few weeks, with four non-imports and Dan Goodspeed as right tackle. Cobb is the starting running back, with Caulley back from injury backing him up. Williams is the fullback for the fairly rare four receiver set. For the receivers, Rodriguez, Davis, Stala and Bauman are listed as the starters, which adds up to seven starters on offense. Arland Bruce is listed among the backups to Bauman, likely coming in for specific plays he has learned. Having seven non-import starters listed on offense is a bit weird, but have more than seven seems to be what other teams end up listing. Potentially with extra, Bruce could switch in for Bauman whenever they felt like it, fullback in or not.

On defence, the non-import starter weirdness continues. McIntyre is listed as an end, starting ahead of the formerly injured Khari Long. Hickman plays the other end spot, with Scott McCuaig, a third round pick in the draft backing up. Bolden starts at one tackle spot, with non-import Matt Kirk coming back to start in place of the injured Darrell Adams. The linebackers are the same as last week, with Haley in the middle and Knowlton and Johnson on the outside. Beveridge is the non-import starting safety. Gordon, Thompson, Tisdale and Smith round out the secondary. So that's two non-import starters on defence to go with the seven on offense when only seven are required.

For the Lions, their offensive line only starts three Canadians in the middle. Heerspink and Jiminez are the tackles. Lumbala is the non-import fullback and Mallett is the starting running back, with the previously injured Ian Smart backing him up. The receivers are a bit confusing at to how the Lions list them. Skillen, Simon, Arceneaux are all imports and Jackson and former Cat O'Neil Wilson are non-imports. I assume Wilson comes on for five receiver sets. So that is five non-import starters on offense.

On the defensive line, BC starts two Canadian defensive ends in Johnson and Foley, which is quite unusual. Gibbs and Hunt are in the middle.

McKenzie and non-import Glatt are the starting linebackers. The starting secondary is all imports, Marsh, Toney, Miles, Banks, Phillips and George. So that's three non-import starters listed on defence, for a total of eight on the entire team.

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