Thursday, July 30, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 4, Part 1

Montreal at Edmonton,
Edmonton did play better last week and showed some heart coming from behind to win in Saskatchewan. Montreal will probably lose a few this year and they are on the road, two time zones away. Honestly you can't bet against Montreal. Ray ends up looking bad.
Montreal 40, Edmonton 19

BC at Hamilton
This game will help show whether Hamilton is for real or still a joke of a team plumbing the basement of the CFL. Last I checked, a few days ago, BC was still favoured on the road, despite playing an awful game last week. They do have potentially two good QBs, which is certainly a strength, although they have lost a lot of talent from last year. Hamilton will have Bruce, although it might be hard for him to have much of an impact after a few days. Probably the biggest problem for Hamilton is injuries to Darrell Adams and Otis Floyd on the defence. That makes me leery, although I pick Hamilton in a squeaker (this may be a bit of homerism, but really BC has done squat this year so far).
Hamilton 27, BC 25

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