Friday, July 24, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 4, Part 2

Calgary at BC,
Apparently Buck Pierce is starting again, despite not playing any particularly good football yet this season. Backup QB Jarious Jackson had a fabulous game last week. Calgary's Henry Burris has appeared to have gotten somewhat on track last week, but hasn't looked fantastic. It is in BC, but I have to give the edge to Calgary, which isn't that much different from last year. BC has lost their starting left tackle Rob Murphy to free agency and their best defensive end Cameron Wake to the NFL. Looks like they haven't found adequate replacements and are having a hard time adjusting to be being an average team.
Calgary 32, BC 24

Edmonton at Saskatchewan,
Granted Saskatchewan didn't look great last week versus Montreal (frankly Hamilton looked a lot better), but Edmonton is not a good team right now and not much of a road team. Not much more to say, the Riders easily.
Saskatchewan 45, Edmonton 19

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