Friday, July 31, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 4, Part 2

Winnipeg at Toronto,
Finally QBs Michael Bishop and Kerry Joseph will square off on opposing teams. Or maybe Saskatchewan played Toronto late last season, I can't remember. Anyways, apparently Winnipeg is starting the very recently acquired Bishop on the road in Toronto this week. Generally not a plan for success, but he probably can't do much worse than former starter Stefan LeFors, he of the truly sad completion percentage. Bishop does bring some upside by being able to grab some yards on the ground and also complete the occasional bomb, but he isn't particularly good. Maybe later on in the season, he will help Winnipeg's reasonable defence to some wins. Toronto doesn't look particularly good after getting rid of Arland Bruce and also sitting their other decent receiver Reggie McNeal, a converted quarterback. Probably Toronto tries to get the ball into capable running back Jamal Robertson's hands as much as possible both on the ground and in the air. If Toronto wins tonight, they will be one game back of last year's win total. Better than what I would have thought in some ways.
Toronto 24, Winnipeg 14

Saskatchewan at Calgary,
Calgary is looking hot and Saskatchewan is looking a bit like a fading team after week four. Calgary is at home which should in theory help, although there will probably be some green in the stands. Saskatchewan's defence is good, their offense is more inconsistent than anything else. Calgary has lost one of their best receivers for the season, which shouldn't help. Basically I'll pick Henry Burris over Darian Durant.
Calgary 40, Saskatchewan 29

In somewhat perplexing news, the CFL will offer repeats of CFL games on iTunes for $2.49, available after the broadcast. Considering they are available for free on the TSN website I'm not sure how much of a market there is for these, but I suppose any way to make some extra money on something you've already produced can't hurt.

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