Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CFL Power Rankings Week 6

1. Montreal
Shocking, the Alouettes on top. Can't give it to Calgary yet.
2. Calgary
The other 5 and 1 team. Not much to say.
3. Saskatchewan
Not quite Calgary.
4. Toronto
You can't argue with 4 and 2. If they can beat the Alouettes at home this week, that would be something.
5. Hamilton
Yeah! The best of the 2 and 4 teams. Wasn't expecting that of the Cats going into the season, but I wasn't expecting them to be leaving Hamilton either. Thanks Scott Mitchell. Your business acumen and football smarts are second to none.
6. Winnipeg
Lost two straight, although they were close last week on the road. Frankly having a worse record than with Mike Kelly last year should motivate these people.
7. Edmonton
Battle of the 1 and 5 teams! I'll take the one that hasn't lost five games in a row. Although they're in Calgary this week. Smelly.
8. BC
Casey Printers, bad mojo. Has Wally Buono lost it? Away against the Riders this week, I'm thinking there might be two 1 and 6 teams this week. Good for the possibility of an East crossover, but not so hot for the CFL.

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