Monday, August 23, 2010

Stat Breakdown, Cats at Argos

Argos Cheerleaders
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So it is time to look at the stats for the ugly 16 to 12 win by the Cats at Dead Ted's Dome last week. As illustration, I included this photo of an Argo cheerleader looking wistful as the game ended, wondering "what if the Argos hadn't taken all those holding penalties at the beginning of the game or what if Jim Barker knew you couldn't challenge a spot on second down." Anyways the rest of the photos I took of the game are located here. A bit cheerleader heavy maybe, but with the layout of the stadium my view of the game was terrible unless the play was right down near me. There's also a picture of Pinball and a blurry one of CFL commissioner Mark Cohon.

It was definitely a defensive battle. Glenn's numbers weren't terrible, going 25 for 36 for 247 yards with a pick. Cobb had an OK week, with 99 yards on 20 carries with the games's only TD, but he can't seem to crack that 5 yards per carry barrier. Toronto does have a tough defence, so not a bad outing.

Bruce had a reasonable game with 68 yards on 8 passes. Mann had a good game with 57 yards with five catches and Stala also had 57 yards on one less catch. Stala is on track for a 1000 yard season which might be enough for him to win the Most Outstanding Canadian Award.

Hickman had a good week with six tackles as an end. Johnson had five tackles and a sack. Four sacks total, but Cleo "the Party" Lemon holds on to the ball a lot. Barker had a great chance for an interception but eventually bounced it off his face and dropped it. Not to sound like too much of an old-timer, but Rob Hitchcock hit hard and made interceptions.

For the Argos, Lemon went 18 for 31 for 210 yards, which generally won't win you many games. Boyd had only 81 yards on 16 carries, so the Ticats did a good job of bottling him up. The Argos were missing Gagne-Marcoux on the offensive line so maybe that contributed.

Durie led the Argo receivers with 69 yards on seven catches. Which makes one wonder where the Argo import receivers are. Maybe Drisan James can expect a call so he can make some awesome catches and then inexplicably drop easy ones.

Eiben led the Argos with ten tackles.

I saw this article on Raise the Hammer, comparing Buffalo and Hamilton with regards to stadium sites and I pretty much agree with it.

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