Thursday, August 26, 2010

CFL Power Rankings, Week 8

There were only two games last week, so somewhat of a limited data set to work off of.

1. Calgary
I remember at the beginning of the year there was concern about Calgary's offensive line being decimated in the off-season. It caused some problems in the beginning of the year, but now Calgary has won four straight and is looking good for a trip to the Grey Cup in Edmonton.

2. Saskatchewan
Durant is healthy as far as I know, so that's enough for me.

3. Montreal
Calvillo's status is not well known, but clearly without him, the Alouettes are a much worse team. Maybe not Eskimo bad, but the Bombers could possibly beat them.

4. Hamilton
Sure I'm biased, but the Cats won ugly on the road and actually have a quarterback rather than some guy named after an Internet shock photo. Things could change after Labour Day, but for now the Cats are into the top half of the league.

5. Toronto
Still a decent team with an awesome defence and a good running game. They would be scary with a quarterback, but I'm sure they are not paying Lemon much so maybe the money is going to the defence.

6. Winnipeg
Still rocking two wins and a chance for the Western crossover. They might want to win a third game at some point.

7. Edmonton
Sure they got spanked in their last game, but they still have Ray. That's not enough to win many games, but gives you a shot at the bottom feeders.

8. BC
No real viable quarterback and the loss of Ricky Foley to the NFL is hurting them more than one would have thought. So much for playing outside.

Here's an article about Oshawa going after a CFL team via the Pan Am games. The mayor seems to know the score.

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